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What to wear for a Photoshoot!

So you've booked a photoshoot and now you're wondering what to wear! I got you.

Do you have family photos that you look back on and cringe? Let's avoid that!

This is what in my opinion looks best and timeless so that you'll cherish these photos for years to come!

For the Family:

Dress it up! This session is an investment and definitely something to dress up for! Dressy photos stand out and make you feel extra special. What ever you are feeling in what you wear will come out in those photos! So pick something you feel beautiful and comfortable in, that confidence will show in those photos!

Coordinating Colors! Instead of coordinating with everyone wearing exactly the same thing, pick 1 or 2 colors that compliment each other, include different prints and shades. This looks way more polished!

For Her:

Movement! Flowy dresses and skirts look most stunning for two reasons.

1) they bring movement to the shot.

2) they fit and flatter the female body best.

Consider materials and they how much it moves and how it lays on the ground or steps.

Extras! Less is more when it comes to jewelry, choose 1 or two statement pieces over lots of distractions. Use the excuse to get your nails done. There are few things I love more than an excuse to get a mani/pedi!

Things to avoid: If possible please cut the hang loops and tags from tops and dresses. SPF in makeup. SPF works by reflecting light. This can sometimes make you look shiny/oily in photos

For Him:

Colors: Many of my guys love to mix a coat, blazer, or button up with a different pant color or shade. It adds some extra visual interest and helps to break up the color tones. If you stuck on what to wear all guys look great in blue!