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Family Video Sessions:
Capturing Your Family in Motion
Full sessions Starting at $399
1 minute Reel/TikToks Starting at $225

Create unforgettable moments as we capture your family's joy, laughter, and love on camera. Whether it's a special celebration, a day of bonding, or simply the joy of everyday life, Family Video Sessions turn these moments into a cinematic masterpiece. Embrace the magic of family filmmaking with me and treasure these cinematic memories for years to come.

These sessions are about 45 - 60 minutes and consist of more prompts and less posing. I don't want your kids to sit still! I want movement and authentic interaction! Love on your family with lots of cuddles and smooches! Is your family into music? or a sport? Bring those guitars & footballs and please bring your dog! 

The result is a beautiful 3-5 minute film that you can watch and re watch years from now!


If you can't decide on photos or video, don't worry!! I can totally do both during a session! 


An acrylic video frame can be purchased with your video pre-loaded to beautifully display your memories! 


If you're not ready to commit just yet to a full film, Bluebonnet Short Films is the perfect way to start! 

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